Payex can support you through every step of the way throughout your financial year. Efficient book keeping (combined with the operation of your payroll and maintainance of your VAT records where required) means that your annual accounts can be prepared efficiently and accurately thus reducing costs.



VAT regulations are a complex area of legislation. We can ensure that your records are up to date and in line with the most recent legislation. We can provide;

  • VAT record keeping and returns
  • VAT advice and planning, e.g. are you registered under the most suitable scheme for you? Would voluntary registration lead to financial savings for your business?
  • VAT audits and investigations 

Limited Companies

Can incorporation provide you with valuable savings in terms of your personal tax liability? Were you caught up in the rush to incorporate and if so, is this still the best option for you? Our services include;

  • Company Formation
  • Maintainance of Statutory Records, including Minutes and Resolutions
  • Statutory Accounts and Returns
  • Advice and Planning

Management Accounts

Management Accounts, cash flows and profit forecasts are all valuable tools, they allow you to monitor the performance and profitablility of your business. Weaknesses and inefficiencies can be identified and addressed leading to improved financial performance.



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